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Click here to view our Change Management Theory or view our recently published Lean Healthcare article in IE Magazine.

More Effective Theory Definition

More Effective is the habit of pursuing purpose and acting towards the best outcome while minimizing resources and cost, and maximizing value and results.

More Effective Theory 5 Principles

1. Habitually strive (search)
for purpose

2. Have an unlimited belief

3. Take action while minimizing

4. Take action continuum while
maximizing results

5. Always have a back up plan
(contingency planning)

More Effective Theory Overview

More Effective Theory is a mindset, philosophy; a paradigm shift that has created. It is outlined below in order to describe, illustrate and establish for you, a new way of looking at things in your life. As a result of using this philosophy, you will become and you will produce More Effective Results – guaranteed!

People are drawn to instant gratification, and today’s society can be generalized as a "quick fix culture". People are conditioned for short attention spans both consciously and subconsciously. Therefore learning is quickly forgotten.

People need to think of the root cause of their problems, not focus on their symptoms, immediate needs or wants. It’s not only looking at the root cause of one problem or situation, it’s probing everything in your life. This way the solution to every problem you face is aligned to your life’s purpose, mission and goals. Let’s look at a simple example to simplify these thoughts.

Let’s pick Time Management as an example to illustrate the More Effective theory:

Why are you poor at time management?

  • Because you lack your own ideas or tools? Those help, no doubt, but we’re speaking to WHY you are poor at time management.
  • Are you chronically late to appointments?
  • Do you have 100 things going on at any given point in time?
  • Do you have simply too many means of organization where they need simplification?
  • … Or do you need to learn a new way of organizing?

Changing your habits WILL fix the problem. It sounds like you need to take a HABIT changing course, not a time management course.

Do you know why few people are doing this? Because it’s hard and time consuming to devote that much energy to something like this; hence the reason people want a quick fix.

Hopefully, I made this More Effective illustration clear enough for you to evaluate your effectiveness, begin to innovate and reach higher potential. Maybe even buy some of our products and services. The key areas of More Effective Theory are focused on habits, innovative thinking and dedicating a lot of energy to purpose.

More Effective Theory Comparisons

1. How does more Effective compare to plain Effective?

  • Effective is .... Defined as...Having the power to produce an effect.  It's doing right things within the confines and boundaries of normalcy.  More Effective is defined below.

2. What does More mean?

  • More does not simply imply we need to do more of the plain Effective definition.
  • More means looking beyond boundaries and seeking multiple solutions, not just taking one and being satisfied with it.
  • More means achieving more effects in the same time and resources as the plain one performs.

3. What's the difference between Effective and Efficient?

  • Simply: Efficient is doing things right, while Effective is doing right things.
  • Descriptively, Efficient is a co-requisite to being More Effective.  Think of Efficient as one of the MoreEffective ingredients.
  • Work Better not Harder.



4. Your potential to do more is a reflection of how high you set your standards.
5. Since habits are the quintessential part of being More Effective, then HOW are habits created, and more importantly, how are they changed?
  • A quick reference on why More Effective Theory focus’ on habits. Habits are the Intersection of Knowledge, Skills and Desire.

More Effective Habit Rings



Our Change Management Theory

Read our theory published in the August '09 issue of IE Magazine ( Click Here )!

We need to change minds first through four distinct belief systems. Our actions will then have a leader in our minds to follow. These four beliefs work together as a team, not as a sequence of believing one thing after another or believing that if you follow one idea you get the whole package. Believe in any one and you get one dimension results. Believe in all four and you get exponential results. These belief systems are all embedded and should be infused in our transformation strategies.

Four Mindset belief systems

1. Toppa:

Breaking through and Breakthrough's are possible and will happen.

2. Kaizen:

Continuous incremental steps while thinking long term commitment.

3. Poke-yoke:

Doing everything right the first time, every time.

4. Houshou:

Engage and you will be rewarded.

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