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Vision MapTM

The official product for Lean Healthcare, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Initiatives!

The VISION MAPTM kit was created for Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping or Designing a new process quickly, professionally, and thoroughly.

No one has ever created a VALUE STREAM MAPPING kit that allows your kaizen team to be productive immediately!  We'll ship it overnight!

A process mapped . . . that uncovered more
than $300,000 in savings!

Who else sells a hands-on Mapping kit!

More Effective

Let’s face it, throwing small post-it notes on a wall is inadequate, dry and not as engaging and “playful” as VISION MAPTM. Most times, hands-on is the best medicine for our electronic world . . . We forgot how to think!

  • VISION MAPTM is backed by thorough, innovative and affordable expertise in training, workshops, and consulting to help you visualize then realize true savings & guarantee a 3 to 1 return on our consulting services.
  • If you’re charting unknown territory, starting, merging or outsourcing a business, product line or design, or quite frankly have too many programs, vendors, or business dynamics, you need to visualize everything, get organized and filter information quickly. Our product and methodology will solve these issues and get you to success faster than any other mapping technique or software.
  • You are buying more than a comprehensive kit that allows you to hit the ground running. You are buying a methodology on HOW to creatively and thoroughly uncover issues and opportunities, solve problems collaboratively, brainstorm with more fun, and have a professional and formal method of charting, uncovering and presenting findings in any process.

Do you see the two women in this photo?

optical illusion

Old Woman...Or Young Girl?
hint: The old woman's nose is the young girls chin.

VISION MAPTM uncovers the obvious!
What is right in front of you is inhibiting your capacity to improve.

More Effective
Vision Map

Over 30 kits sold!

What's Included

  • Supply tote (with 27 tools)
  • Transport Tube (with 7 tools)
  • Mini CD with MS Excel: * User guide (Methodology)
  • Reference guide (how to structure a VISION MAPTM)
  • Red, yellow, blue and green narrative templates
  • Value Stream Mapping symbols & guide
  • Tool guide (how to use every item in this kit)

 3' or 4' wide with Brown colored WHAT-IF?TM paper

VM3B: 3’


VM4B: 4’



More Effective

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