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Business Assessments from More Effective Lean for Manufacturing & Healthcare Six Sigma from More Effective Facility Design and Expansion


Business Assessments from More Effective

Ask about our "GREEN" Impact Assessment!

Our Business Assessments ensure that you have adequate capacity, machine utilization, labor productivity, and throughput capability to meet your goals. Our major deliverable is a diagnostic analysis showing you the detail behind HOW to solve your operational problems.

We have a top down and bottom up approach and focus on your KPI’s and performance metrics.We review your P&L and financial statements as well as existing and proposed processes. We perform detailed time studies of “live” production and service areas as well as interviewing and observing key resources.

We identify your ROI, focusing on at least 3:1

We provide a GAP ANALYSIS that shows variances from plans, and deliver an action plan and road map on how to best solve your business problems.
business assessment from more effective
Assessment Our assessments are typically:

1) Short (1 hour to 1 day)
Your immediate need and scope of work is understood, but cost, effort and approach are not.

2) Thorough (2-5 days)
You have roughly 50,000 sq. ft. of space and need to assess how you will continue to operate successfully utilizing existing space or how to expand and consolidate areas.  Special focus on productivity, process/resource flow and layout design.  You may also need expertise for business unit(s) that haven’t been looked at for ideas in cost reduction and operational excellence for years!
) Comprehensive (2-3 weeks)
You have a large facility or multiple sites.  You require a small team of experts to assess your new business decisions or your capability for meeting short and long term goals. We can help you rationalize and assess the magnitude of consolidations, product acquisitions, facility expansion, capability of handling Lean or Six Sigma efforts or even million dollar cost reductions goals.
We collaborate 100% with key personnel to ensure accurate and timely results.  We use our depth of experience to uncover hidden value, perform sensitivity analysis and rationalize key factors to provide you with a latitude of prudent and objective advice.
For difficult operational decisions, and when information comes from inadvertent sources, we provide you with the latest expertise in areas like clean room classification, ESD and ISO compliance, paperless/automated methods, outsourcing parts or products and the latest in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma advice.
Business Assessments from More Effective


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