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 Lean for Manufacturing and Healthcare

6 Sigma for Manufacturing and Healthcare

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Lean Healthcare and Lean Manufacuring - NH, MA, VT, ME

We are a management consulting company providing breakthrough and bottom line results to Manufacturing and Healthcare companies.

Our clients receive 3 to 1 ROI, on every project - GUARANTEED!! From Lean and 6Sigma transformations to expansions and consolidations, we are a full service operations and management consulting firm.

Six Sigma - 6 Sigma - Consulting and Training - NH, MA, ME, VT

100% of our clients have rehired MEC because of our ability to deliver sustaining, measurable results. Just ask to visit one of our client sites to see results that you can achieve and learn from!

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We have 100% repeat business that exemplifies our results and passion for improving your financial and competitive advantage goals to drive savings and strength for continuous improvement.

Our "Lean" Sensei consultant's implement solutions that save millions of dollars!  We also train you with unique and tailored methodologies and tools to eliminate process waste and improve performance. We assess your challenges and then propose and implement the best long term action plan to lead teams, drive results and realize true savings.

We certify professionals who want to attain the latest and greatest expertise and knowledge in Lean Healthcare, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.  A perfect mix of classroom and project work provide you exemplary status as a Lean Healthcare, Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt.

Our Industrial Engineering and Project Management expertise can design your facility, update your as-built drawings or consolidate and expand your facilities.

We also partner with Venture Capital firms to help achieve their clients profitability and success!

Lean Healthcare - Manufacturing - 6 Sigma - Consultants, Sensei, Training and Certification

A special welcome to MA Companies!


Massachusetts has grant money that can reimburse up to 100% of our cost - set up a meeting with us today!   Click Here for Lean Manufacturing Services . . .

View & Register for our local Lean Green & Black Belt Certification programs:

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Most Requested Services

  1. Lean Manufacturing and Lean Healthcare Assessments & Transformations

  2. Kaizen Rapid Improvement Events

  3. Consolidation, Expansion & Facility Layout Design

  4. Six Sigma & Lean Certification Training

  5. VISION MAP Value Stream & Process Mapping

  6. Overall Business & Operations Assessment with a cost reduction focus

Our exemplary services are passionate about saving you money, guaranteeing your ROI, and energizing people to new levels of success.

NEWS:  NH and MA now have Lean training money!

Lean Healthcare

We pride ourselves on helping hospitals improve their customer and patient satisfaction, cash flow and competitiveness through Lean Healthcare solutions.

From an introductory Lean training session to the most complex projects Lean Healthcare - Hospitals across the entire hospital's value streams, we will help develop a lean program, establish a Lean road map, train internal Lean change agents and track results to ensure you are confident and successful in your Lean Journey.  We will customize the best ways to evolve your culture into more productive employees, higher patient satisfaction ratings, flexible capacity and employees who truly want to sustain the improvement process.

Exeter Hospital and Millinocket Hospital have been engaged for more than two years in deploying the most practical and results orientated Lean Healthcare solutions. They are leading Lean Healthcare in the Northeast.

Lean Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on helping manufacturer's improve their capacity, cash flow, and competitiveness through Lean Manufacturing solutions.

We have provided Lean Manufacturing projects in all of these areas that encompass your entire operation from sales to distribution as well as at your customer or vendor's site!

  • Design new processes to be LeanLean Manufacturing - Kaizen, 5S
     - Using Kaizen steps and industrial engineering layout design

  • Design a factory expansion for Lean Flexibility and flow
     - Typically 10,000, 20,000 and 100,000 sq ft

  • Improve your “front end” sales-quote-order processing activity
     -  Typically cutting 1-4 weeks of lead time

  • Lead Kaizen events within production to streamline processes,                create cells and SWIM lanes, reduce setup time and inventory levels, and implement Poka-Yoke’s, mini-kaizen’s, 5S, and so much more…

  • Deploy Lean Kaizen events in warehousing for successful Lean  Warehousing                                                                                                -  Reducing errors of incoming orders, reducing pick times  and      frequency, improving work standards for high turnover and temporary work forces

Lean Training

Our Lean training is unmatched! We have certified hundreds of people who strive for advanced Lean training to help both themselves and their company. We have customized training that is always taught hands-on. Our Black Belt training is always at a company site where we teach complex Lean techniques as well as soft skills to help round out your ability to lead people. Ask to talk to one of our black belt or green belts......that phone call will make the biggest difference in your decision.

Lean Green Belt Certification Lean Black Belt, Lean Master Black Belt, and Lean Sensei CertificationLean Green Belt Certification 

Lean Black Belt Certification
  Lean Master Black Belt Certification
  Lean Sensei Certification



Latest Training News:

Oct 10,11,24,25        Lean Green Belt Certification Training        Groton, MA        Deluxe Corp.

2018,2019 Class   Lean Black Belt Certification Training     Hampton, NH       Ashworth by the Sea

Lean 5S - Across your entire organization

Our client for more than two years and the first
hospital in the USA is still successfully deploying 5S
across their entire healthcare system! A regional
hospital in Maine with more than 300 employees,
conducting over 50 5S projects and taking it 1
incremental step at a time. Their culture has
grabbed hold of continuous improvement with
Lean office 5S and patient flow 5S solutions.

Our client, a small New Hampshire manufacturer
felt they needed to get the entire culture
integrated within a couple months. 5S! We
developed a weekly activity of 1S per week and
deploying global training before and success
stories after. They have over 25,000 sq ft of space
and more than 12 departments - all participating.

Energize and Engage your Employees with immediate impact !                                                                                  

We help identify your Return on Investment,
and we always obtain at least a 3:1 ROI, every time!

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More Effective Consulting is located in New Hampshire. We have clients in New Hampshire (NH), Massachusetts (MA),
Vermont (VT), Maine (ME), and all across the country.

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